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Pull. Aim. Squeeze. Sweep

When it comes to fire extinguishers, most people think they are easy. Unfortunately, in a panic situation, often they fail. Our fire extinguishers are filled with a siliconized powder that will not pack and come with a 6 year no leak warranty. These Features are imperative when there is only a matter of moments between an unfortunate accident and a full blown disaster. The acronym P.A.S.S. was developed to help the average consumer remember the proper way to use a portable fire extinguisher.

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Proper Placement

At Pyrotex brand, we value proper location and installation of extinguishers and fire blankets. Of course, you should follow our manufacturer’s recommendations from the owners manual and You can have a professional authorized Pyrotex Dealer assist you. However, here are some tips to Proper placement. Locate 5 lb ABC extinguishers in garages, shops, utility rooms and close to grills or outdoor kitchens. Locate 2.5 lb ABC extinguishers beside beds, in kitchens and hallways. Locate Halotron I extinguishers by computers, in cars and places where corrosion would be unwanted.